Understanding Halal

Halal is a Quranic expression that basically signifies ‘allowed’ or ‘legitimate’. Halal when utilized according to food and other consumables implies admissible for utilization and utilized by Muslims dependent on the Islamic law, which is the Shariah. It is the obligation of a Muslim to guarantee that any food devoured […]

Halal Certification process

1.Receiving certification registration request Suggest and guide the clients to complete the application package and submit to NATURECERT through post, email or online submission. Application package includes: Application Form ( Form F01) List of ingredients – additives – chemicals (Form F02) 2. Considering certification registration request and preparing the certification […]

Organizations that can register for Halal Certification

NatureCert Center (NATURECERT) is an independent certification organization that is established and operates under Vietnamese law to provide Halal certification for products complied with Shari’ah Law and Halal standard. All organizations have legal status, irrespective of scale, financial conditions; personnel, etc. are able to apply for certification with NATURECERT.However, in […]

Halal Certification Decision Making Procedure

NATURECERT Halal Certification Committee is responsible for all decisions on granting, refusing, suspending, withdrawing and expanding/ reducing Halal Certification and its scope. The procedure includes the assessment of the sufficiency of information provided by the audit team, assessment of the content of all audit reports and Application documents, critical evaluation […]