1.Receiving certification registration request

Suggest and guide the clients to complete the application package and submit to NATURECERT through post, email or online submission.

Application package includes:

  • Application Form ( Form F01)
  • List of ingredients – additives – chemicals (Form F02)

2. Considering certification registration request and preparing the certification contract

NATURECERT conducts a review of the application package and informs the clients. NATURECERT also prepares quotation and Certification contract. Certification contract will be signed after two parties both agree on certification agreements.

3. Preparing for certification

NATURECERT contacts the clients to both agree on product certification procedures, schedule and evaluation programs.

4. Stage-1 audit

The NATURECERT’s auditors will conduct a document review of the client and review the criteria to confirm that the client is qualified and ready for the Stage-2 audit.

List of requested documents for Stage – 1 audit includes:
• Flow chart of processing;
• Quality Control Plan (or HACCP Plan if any)
• Specification/ Self-declaration form of the products registering for certification
• Test report of the products/ ingredients
• List of ingredients – addtives – chemical
• Documents demonstrating ingredients, addtives, chemical , production process certified for Halal standard.
• Quality management system Certificate if has been applied (if any)

NATURECERT shall audit the requested documents and notify to the organizations of documents need to be added. Time for stage-1 audit will not exceed 90 days from the time the clients ready for stage-1 audit (met all requirements: signed contract, the stage-1 documents were sent, paid 50% of the contract value). Beyond this period, the applications are considered invalid.
Note: The stage-1 audit can be conducted at on-site of manufacture, and the clients will be notified before conducting by NATURECERT.

5. Stage-2 audit

NATURECERT will conduct stage-2 audit at on-site of manufacture of the clients.

NATURECERT will examine the conformity of certified products with the requirements of the Halal OIC/SMIIC-01:2011 standard of The Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries, the standard UAE.S 2055 – 1:2015 of  Emirates authority for standards & metrology and other appropriate standards of other international organizations about the Halal product certification for Muslims.

6. Audit report

The audit contents will be recorded by the auditor in the Halal Certification Audit Report (F03).

The content of the Audit report will be notified to the certified organizations by the NATURECERT auditor  and signed by the representatives of the two parties.

At the end of stage-2 audit, NATURECERT  will send 01 Halal Certification Audit Report (F03) to the certified organizations.

In the event of any non-conformity, the certified organizations shall take the corrective actions, and submit the corrective action report and accompanying evidence to NATURECERT within a specified period of no longer than 30 days from the date of stage-2 audit. The Certification Committee will evaluate and examine the audit documents, including examining the completeness and compliance of the audit documents, examining the correction of non-conformities (if any) and conducting in-depth technical examination if necessary.

7. Certification decision

If the examination results of the audit documents comply with the certification standards and regulations, the clients will be granted Halal Certificate and Halal mark  that can be used on product package.

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