With over 11 million Americans currently buying only Kosher food and this growing number shows the potential of the Kosher certified food market. NATURECERT wants to share some information for food manufacturers and processors wishing to export to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, etc.

In the Hebrew meaning, the word Kosher means appropriate. In food meaning, “kosher” means fully meeting the Jewish statutory dietary requirements. These dietary rules are known as kashrus.

Kosher certification is a guarantee for the product goods to meet the requirements of the Jewish law related to food.

Kosher Foods

Each kosher certified food is also classified as one of three types of kosher:

  1. Meat: Products that contain kosher meat (such as bison, beef or lamb) or kosher chicken (chicken, turkey, goose or duck) or are derived from meat, and even products that are not meat prepared with equipment used to process meat products or derived from meat.
  2. Milk Butter: Milk-containing or any dairy-derived products, and even equipment-processed dairy products that are used to process dairy or dairy products.
  3. Dairy and meat-free foods: All products that do not contain meat ingredients or are dairy-derived, and have been prepared by equipment never to be used to process any meat product or Any dairy.

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