There have been more than 1.9 billion Muslim consumers around the world and the market of halal products is booming at an incredible rate. Suppliers are dealing with this heightened demand, and adapting their production lines to become compliant, and accommodate for halal offerings. This leads to the demand of having the certificate to confirm the position in the market. Therefore, it is essential for the suppliers as well as manufacturers to understand the importance of getting Halal certificate.

For the halal-conscious consumer

Identifying halal products is necessary because the concept of Halal applies to a wide range of goods and services used in a Muslim’s daily life. Muslim consumers choose products because it is in compliance with the process and procedure as defined by Islamic Law. And a Halal certificate is a guarantee that the products comply with the Islamic dietary requirements or Islamic lifestyle.

For businesses around the world

The booming Muslims population in the Middle East, North & South Africa, South and South Asia, the former Soviet Union and China present a lucrative chain for the food market. Obtaining Halal certificate is essential for businesses to market their halal products as Halal certification significantly enhances the marketability of your products.

Business persons who are manufacturing and selling halal products need to know the purpose and importance of the certification to carry out their business to serve the national and international Muslim communities in meeting their religious compliance.

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